Why Kim Kardashian?


Yesterday I had so much fun until I uploaded my photos to instagram, then I just know that my Halloween costume is similar with Kim Kardashian trough instagram comment(s). Seriously, who is she? I didn't know her (yes I know I'm really bad to know/recognize some actress/singers/etc except Korean idol). Oh well, if she really famous, it should be a pleasure, since I bought this costume 1 month before from Dollskill and didn't have any plan to be as similar as Kim ;)

Halloween Costume Set - Dollskill
Boots - ZARA

For people who said this costume is too open/sexy (in negative way)/like a whore or b*tch/something that I need to shame of/blablablah. You guys so two thousand and late. Please, this-is-Halloween. I enjoy every single moment with my blogger's friend. I just realize I made so many friends this year, and I LOVE YOU GUYS! Really.

Here's for you (the HQ one & 30 photos):

And here's a bit if you are lazy to open it ;)

Thanks to Ardiasa Putra :)

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