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I really concern about people opinion "somehow, your blog becomes an advertisement media"
Well, believe me, I'm not doing this -fashion-bloggers for this kind of things. I still do my outfit post  at least once a week, so I won't disappoint you my readers <3

Anyway, I just post my first giveaway collaboration, I hope you guys participate and join the fun! The bad news is, I only choose 1 lucky person to be the new owner of Polette glasses. And after me, a lot of fashion blogger also held the similar giveaway, you better check the information so you can join another giveaway to make a bigger chance to win!

Abbey Dawn is a fashion brand from Avril Lavigne. I don't know her much, but I buy this because it's just too cute to resist. FURY and PINK. I got it from Gaby since it's too small for her (yup, lucky me to be in this size). If you notice, it have a hoodie with ear detail and also skull at the backside. Totally love the outerwear! Then I got this ripped dress from Religion, Bali. It's London brand but they have some store at Bali. Well, I envy Bali because they have a lot of cool boutique! The shoes are from UNIF and the choker (really match with my fur jacket's pattern) by Blooming Slowly. 

Fur Jacket - Abbey Dawn
Dress - Religion
Choker - Blooming Slowly
Shoes - UNIF

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