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So guys, how's your day?

Me quite good. Since there is no perfect day for me to enjoy my days. My brain is demanding some works, so I can't stand when my time wasted to do nothing. 

I'm wearing Danjyo Hiyoji's see through top. It's awesome since they make some illusion on it. I match this velvet skirt from Widow. I bought it from Dollskill like a months ago. It will be perfect if I wear socks and put it on the clip, but it's too mainstream since I really like to wear something use-able, become useless, lol. Shoes from UNIF and I know it's alrd 23049230493 times bumping on this blog. 

Last but not least, the awesome Polette to complete my look. I choose this sunglasses because it's really cute. As you know, I held a giveaway on my intagram + I also post it on the blog. I already announce the winner on instagram and once again, congratulation to the winner! Special thanks to polette for sponsing the giveaway! 

See you on another post, anyway photo credit thanks to my sis, Patrisca Amanda who really busy nowadays. I miss you so much please come back home~~~~~ 

Sunglasses - Polette
Top - Danjyo Hiyoji
Skirt - Widow
Stocking - H&M
Shoes - UNIF

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