[REVIEW] WRP On The Go & U Rock UFM Jakarta Fashion Week 2014


Billy Tjong design these simple yet fascinating red dresses, inspired by WRP. Last week, I watched their Fashion Show and was invited by female daily. My favorite among all is the last one. 2 pieces (skirt and top) made me fall in love with this collection. What amaze me is, all of these designs really fit the WRP concept, it makes the model slimmer than before. 

After the show, I got awesome goody bags, one of them is from the sponsor, WRP. I got a mug and 2 flavors of their WRP On The Go (Chocolate & Apple). These jelly drinks from WRP is very healthy, it's low calories and source of fiber.

I love both and my favorite is Apple's flavor. I tried the chocolate one, it's delicious and make me feel so full all day. I don't feel hungry at all. I believe if I drink these every day, I will lose weight for sure! These jelly drinks really can make you slim!

So what are you waiting for? You can get these jelly drinks easily, its healthy and above all, it's really yummy!


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