[REVIEW] Heavenly Blush Yogurt & U Rock UFM Jakarta Fashion Week 2014


A bit review about Billy Tjong's creatures for Heavenly Blush. I like the simplicity concept, white for all dress with some color (represent Strawberry, Peach, and Blackcurrant flavors : pink, orange, and purple) for the main point. Some women hate to wear white color clothes because it makes their looks fat. For this design, as you can see, the model still look skinny even they wear white. It's not different because the cuts itself shows Heavenly Blush concept. 

So now, I can share some thought about my experiences. I tried this yogurt drink from Heavenly Blush. To tell you the truth, I'm not a fan of yogurt. I'm not craving, but sometimes I eat/drink it esp for the health issue.

I got these goody bag from U Rock UFM Jakarta Fashion Week 2014. I got this on packed. Three Heavenly Blush yogurt with different flavors: Peach, Blackcurrant, and Strawberry. As you can see on the package, it's hi calcium, low fat, less sugar, and source of fiber. This already answer the question why active women needs to consume these yogurt. Less sugar then it must be low fat, so you don't have to worry about to gain a weight! Then sure you also understand why we need calcium to support our body. We have so many activities and works to do until (sometimes) we forget to eat. You can drink this yogurt first until you could eat the next meal. 

This one is my favorite! I love to drink wine and eat grapes, so this yogurt flavor just perfect for me. I can't describe more, I love it!

About the taste, you can enjoy the sourness and sweetness at the same time. Even it's not my fave among all, I still believe if you guys love peach flavor, this one is the best one. I tried before peach flavor from another yogurt brand, but I do love this from Heavenly Blush.


In a real life, I can't eat strawberry (I mean, the fruits). It's too sour and I can't handle the sourness. I like strawberry on ice cream, never tried on yogurt so this is my first time. For the first timer, I'm happy because I can drink it for sure! I mean, it's not too sour, I can say it's sweet. I think it have 'milk' flavor on it (yeah Val, of course because it's yogurt). ;)

#UROCKS!JKTFASHION www.heavenlyblush.com

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