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I have to feel so blessed until I feel busy with this fashion blogger's works. Oh come on, maybe I should say it's fashion blogger's fun, not works.

I attended Jakarta Fashion week yesterday, and I will tell you what have I done through tomorrow post. This week's weekdays just end smoothly. I've met a new fashion local brand, I can't mention the brand, but there is an interesting story behind it. The owner is not young anymore, but they have a young passion to start fashion business. They said "It doesn't matter to face some loss, what we have to do is branding, we want to make our brand meet customer expectation, what we proud of it is our price". I'm a business student and I still can't get it. How can people really enjoy their loss to make some branding? What are you doing then? A business? Maybe someday, I will understand.

Today's theme is Newspaper Boy! I got this bucket hat from Locale. It's a surprise since I didn't know that it's reversible. The pants I got from ED-JEH, I bought it from Infare 3 at ex, Jakarta. It's quite a long time ago, and I just have a chance to wear it. I got this parka from Springangelss. It have a vintage touch and I like the color combination. It's suit with every black things. 

Bucket Hat - LOCALE
Tanktop - Unbranded
Parka - Spingangelss
Pants - ED-JEH
Sandals - The Editors Market

Instagram : @springangelss
Line : ekasaputraa
WA : +6285695013542

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