Witch is too Cool for You


Halloween is near! Should I celebrate it like a crazy people who needs 1 day to confess their true identity? I wear anything I love and every time I want. So basically, Halloween is not really important but it's kind an interesting to celebrate it together with a lot of friends.

Taken by Ardiasa Putra

I got my body harness from Romwe. It's a collaboration item from Lua (www.le-happy.com). My skirt is from UNIF, I got it from Dollskill. Then my outerwear is from Shaman, I got it from my latest trip to Bali. (I know it's quite a long time ago). This is taken somewhere in Karawaci. Taken by my sister, Patrisca Amanda. Thanks sis! Some bonus with different editing, taken by Ardiasa Putra.

Body Harness - ROMWE
Sportbra - Platform Store
Outerwear - Shaman
Skirt - UNIF
Shoes - KML

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