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How's your day? Did you know that Jessica of Girls Generation is leaving out the group? I think SM just insane and stupid. I believe their stock market is decreasing and I just hope they get a bankrupt so they can learn from the bottom. Once I'm a big fan of this Kpop group and I am sad to hear this terrible news.

Hm, I wanna tell you about an e-commerce, called Zalora. I know some of you hear about it. As you know, I prefer to shop online than window shopping. Even to buy a shoes, I prefer to buy online. Nowadays, I have 'a bit' interest of sneakers. I'm not a big fan of sneakers but I can't lie to myself, that sneakers is... comfortable to wear! You can check this Nike from Zalora ;)

Necklace - H&M
Jersey - Joyrich
Socks - Primark
Shoes - Adidas Jeremy Scott

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