I Wanna Die with You Once or Twice


Hi friends and all the readers!
I just updates this domain (www.hidemyidentitie.com) for the next two years. This is a new decision for me, since I didn't know that I will blogging this longer. What I do until today is what I love and also thanks to you guys! Without your support (2,000+ page views/day), I won't make it till today.

I just wanna say: I love this backpack.
Its black, the words, the patch.... Everything. On. It. This backpack, this is small enough to bring ALL your stuff.. what it means.... it's actually big, but you didn't notice it. 

My top : "Monosodium Glutomat" or you can say it's MSG. It's my current favorite item, since it's turtle neck with a little back detail. The shoes I wore is from The Editors Market, this is a gift from 'this friend' hahaha ;)

Andddd my shirt, this rad red plaid shirt is from Elvacka. It has a detail (zipper) at the side of the shirt. This shirt is really comfortable to wear and suit my current mood about plaids. I have similar plaids on my skirt, you can see my previous post here. So if you are really interest on it, go buy their product by click the link below!

Shorts - H&M
Shirt - Elvacka
Bag - Black Book
Shoes - The Editors Market

Instagram : @elvacka
WA : +6281288654977
Email : info@elvacka.com

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