Am Not Nicky Minaj


So what's up?!

Something just came up about today's post title...............................

I went to Brightspot at the first day (Thursday). I wore this outfit, walked, and people stared at me like "what the heck are you doin' here?!" and someone shouted at me "WOW, NICKY MINAJ lewat (pass)"........ Alright then... You can say am Nicky Minaj, it's a pleasure anyway, but wait. Nicky Minaj just...... not...... my....... style.

Actually, I have a crush (you can said addicted) to SEQUIN! I just can't resist to buy ANYTHING that have sequin on it. I bought these jacket and shorts from Platform Store at instagram. I just can't handle to buy it. I wouldn't think how to wash it later, if my mom knew it.... she will kill me (maybe).

And yes, as you can see on the pictures, finally I got my baby dragon. It's a new pet. A dragon with sparkling fin. I bought it from Dollskill. I falling in love at the first sight when it's released. I try my best to purchase it on official website of Y.R.U but I didn't have courage since I'm afraid the shoes won't arrive safely. At that time... it's quite long (for me) to wait... And TADA! Dollskill finally have it! And I just bought it. as soon as possible. This shoes is a collaboration with Devowevo. I knew Devowevo before from Eugenie, and I am falling in love with their designs. I heart Y.R.U and the timing just so perfect, finally I have Devowevo's stuff!! 

Then I got my Shadys from none other than Dollskill. So, one day, I buy this glasses but sell it since 'someone' want it. And I still want it, so I buy it again. It's like a miracle, Dollskill still have some stocks! I also got my Almighty socks from Dollskill haha, yes, at today's post, Dollskill is my savior! And also thanks to my cousin who help me to get it. You can also buy stuff from worldwide site! Just check the instagram @gimmeroar

Last one is my crop top from H&M. It's very cheap around $7 and I saw online shop who re-sell this for $30 :(. For their sake of those online shop, God. You have a superb idea, ever... It can help people who want to buy H&M of Forever 21 or anything which they can't found in their city. It's brilliant but you can't proud of it tho.

Sunglasses (Shadys) - UNIF
Top - H&M
Jacket - Platform Store
Shorts - Platform Store
Socks - Omweekend
Shoes (Qozmo Dragon) - Y.R.U x Devowevo

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