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How's your day? Me quite good. Do you have a plan to go to Brightspot Market this Sunday? Tell me if you come so we can have a little chit chat ;)

Well I wore this tattoo choker a lot of times because I just too happy to (finally) wear some accessories. I have an allergic to silver/metal accessories, I can wear it for a while but if I forced myself, it will become itchy and my skin will be so red. The sandals are from The Editor's Market, it's a gift or you can say that I want this kind of sandals and my wishes come true like I have a fairy god mother. 

My current favorite glasses are from Polette. I search quite times at online shops which sell this kind of glasses. Finally found one and this glasses meet my expectation! It's not too frail like I imagine and it's perfect to protect your eyes from the super sunny Jakarta. So, hurry up! Check their website, choose your glasses, and buy it ;)

Anyway, taken by Ardiasa Putra, thank you! 

Happy weekend everyone!

Top - Label Cut
Pants - ZARA
Sandals - The Editor's Market
Sunglasses - Polette
Tattoo Choker & Necklace - Lunar Cult

Instagram : @poletteeyewear
Worldwide Delivery 

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