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Sooooooo today I will make a bit review of The Dry Me services, Lash & Wink, and Jar of Beauty products! 

I got these two products from Lash and Winks and Jar of Beauty. It's fake eyelashes and make up remover. Actually I'm not using fake eyelashes because I can't wear it alone, I need someone help and too lazy to do it. The other reason is because it's not comfortable. It bother my sight and it make my eyes heavy. BUT, I try Lash and Winks products and it change my opinion about the second reason. It's not heavy, not bother your sight, and it's comfortable. I also try at home how to wear the this fake eyelashes, it took times, but because it made from good material and reusable so even I pressing it hard, it's not easily broke. You can purchase this make up supplies at their instagram @lashnwink

I got make up remover from Jar of Beauty and it can clean up my face well. I try the other products esp liptint and blush on. I like the daily make up color likes orange (Orange Slushee Tinted Lipbalm) and pink (Cotton Candy Tinted Lipbalm) for liptint, above all, it have a flavor that makes you want to lick it! My favorite blush on color is red colored (Bloody Mary Blush Swatches Cream). Check their instagram to buy! @jarofbeauty

Can you see this fake eyelashes? Mine is Jade!

So now, whenever you are busy or didn't have much time to take care your look, you can easily go to The Dry Me! With only 30 minutes, they can change your hair look and you will be ready to rock your day! Here's some photos of their good service! They just opened their new store at Baywalk Mall. The first store are at Fashion Hub Kelapa Gading, so don't forget to visit and you won't regret! Check their instagram for promotional updates @thedryme !

with the team! 

Thanks for inviting me, I really enjoyed my time. Until the next post, see ya~!

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