These past 4 days are quite fun, I have so much fun with Carousell team. I won't tell you now, in the next post, okay? Before it's toooo late, I will post this looks first! 

Me force some BONUS ;)

So I was going to Market and Museum bazaar at Lippo Mall Kemang. The event is really crowded and I barely got some outerwear. I met with Ines nd we always have some kind of coincidence. We wore the same brand clothes.. Before, it's AW Wardrobe, and now it's Modifins. We never make an appointment and it just happened! Oh yes, my jacket is from Modifins.

I wore the dress I got from Polo store in Bandung. Actually I just accompany dad to bought some golf cap. I never expect to get some clothes there because I don't like to wear a polo shirt. Because waiting is boring so I decided to take a look. In the end I got this sporty dress. It's only one left in L size. Yes, L. I usually wear XS but this one is on L. The shopkeeper said it's in the small sizing but still, L is a bit to big for me. I almost not gonna buy it but dad told me so, then I just bought it. 

Shoes is Reebok Pump from Reebok. I got this as a present and currently love to wear it in everyday walking. Its comfortable and a bit pretty (yes, the prettiest is still Adidas Jeremy Scott). Anyway, taken by Ardiasa Putra, thanks!

Dress - Polo by Ralph & Laurent
Socks - Uniqlo
Shoes - Reebok
Outerwear - Modifins

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