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Four days ago, I watched SISTAR and A Pink performance at Shinzui Festival in Jakarta. It's not my first plan, but I don't have much things to do, so I decided to watch it. I ask my friend, Greggy to accompany me. 

I always buy a ticket in venue when the concert ticket is not sold out. I bought it cheaper than usual price. I got 400k for Front Festival (in BABY BLUE section). When I go inside the venue, the color change! From baby blue into black for Front Festival. Baby blue for Back Festival. I feel deceived! This is my first time feel soooo wrong! I don't know that the promotor have some brilliant idea. I know it's not the brokers (calo bahasa inggrisnya apa sih?) fault, but I just so angry. Some is our fault because we got 'MEDIA' ticket with baby blue color. The seating plan describe the baby blue colors is for front festival. So we just believe it without double check it again. When I busy with my feelings, A Pink is performing right away. So I just forgot the situation and enjoy the performance.

When the boys are screaming for SISTAR, I just screaming for their bodies, esp Dasom. She has a white skin with perfect proportion! I just.... envy her. The MC ask what's the secret of their sexiness, they said eat well, do some sports, and diet. For my situation, I just eat soooo well (no diet, and currently I'm not doing yoga or other sport). So forget about being skinny! 

Taken by Leonard at Mangara Studio .

A friend of mine and also an owner of Mangara Studio are visited me for a free booking at their photo studio. I ask my friends to join me, Ines from and Putri from Luckily they have some interest. 

I got 2 looks/outfits for this photo session. I will post the next outfit on my next post. I'm sorry, I just feel a bit awkward, I'm not a professional model and I feel uneasy because the make up itself. This Indonesian like make up make me a super chinese look. Overall, I super satisfied with the result. Thanks for having me and until the next post, see you guys!

Crop Top - Stradivarius
Skort - Re:Shoppe
Coat - Re:Shoppe
Choker - Lunar Cult
Shoes - KML Shop

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