I was sick like a weeks and I hate my body conditions. I started to feel sick last Tuesday. I have a sore throat and I just drink some chrysant tea like a medicine, 3 times a day and just had more proper sleep. I was hoping on last Wednesday I can be better because I have styling job, but God want me to rest more, so I skipped the job and just rest all day long at home. On Thursday I go to my campus to submit my final paper. It's getting better, so on Friday. When on Saturday, I thought my body is doing well and I just visit a Dry Me event at Baywalk Mall. In the mean time, I have some strange feelings on my ears. Well it's tinnitus (telinga berdenging). Until Sunday morning, I can feel much pain in my ears, I go to doctor to get some medicine, and I hope it will get better soon!

This outerwear from H&M, I bought it a long time ago in Singapore. This crop top, you can find easily at H&M Jakarta. I got the shorts from Monstore at Embrio, Kemang. I really appreciate local brand who have their own store such as Monstore, Cotton Ink, and Skelly. It's not that easy to finally have some decision to have a store in this fashion industry. Then I got my socks from Uniqlo, I bought it in purpose to match this look (because my elevator shoes is kind of ladies that only want matchy socks ;)). Anyway thsese photos are taken by Ardiasa Puasa near my house. Thanks!

Crop Top - H&M
Shorts - Monstore
Outerwear - H&M
Socks - Uniqlo
Shoes - Y.R.U
Fitted Snapback - Kenzo

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