I madly in love with fur. So how can I got this adorable fur coat? I bought it from The Goods Dept Pondok Indah Mall. Its only one left and it's on sale. This is just my luck because my friend, Ines found this fur and she told me to try it. I tried it and in seconds, I decided to buy. 

I got my top from Nikicio, I bought it online because only there I got my size. It's perfectly fit and I just happy to wore it. If you realize, this is my second time to wore this top! My skirt from Benash, I bought it from the first second Infare and just have a chance to wear it. All my outfit is from Indonesian local brand, can't you believe it? Because they are just too amazing! They should try to selling it online worldwide so a lot of people can enjoy it!

Top - Nikicio
Skirt - BENASH
Fur Coat - BLCKHRT
Shoes - UNIF

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