Currently addiction : Infinite's Back. People say that if you like a song, it's describe your current situation. For me is not valid. I love this song because they have some addictive tone, about a same tempo but not annoyed me (and maybe just because I didn't understand about the lyrics)

This week, I enjoy my time to do some revision for my final project's paper. NPV, WACC, IRR, etc make me insane but thanks to my cousin who come to Jakarta, I can spent one day vacation with her to the cafe or mall. I visited Shirokuma and Locale24 Dinner. Shirokuma is not that good, it's below my expectation, but Locale24 meet my expectation! Their nachos omg, I will go back soon! 

I got this leather jacket from Rangga Moela's booth at Infare. It's quite big but who cares! I just love it and try to have some match with my crop top from Cocraparis. If you notice, I wore the skirt once. I bought it together but I just like to wear it separately! Then, I called my sunglasses, a 'magic' sunglasses, because it suit with whoever wear it! Shoes from T.U.K from Solestruck. 

Crop Top - Cocraparis
Shorts - H&M
Sunglasses - Forever 21
Leather Jacket - Infare
Shoes - T.U.K

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