Oh, welcome August! Half of this year have passed and I still have a long way to go to catch my dream currently addiction. Styling! So styling a professional model for me is similar as styling a barbie! They have a skinny body, long legs, pretty, and you can easily put anything on her/him and it will become a jackpot! I currently updating my styling portfolio blog here Check this out!

Anyway, I just finished a 2 days holiday trip to Bandung. On the first day I just played all day in Trans Studio Bandung. Learn from my experience, I bought a VIP pass so I didn't need to queue all the time.
At the second day I just went to Factory Outlet with my whole family. From Heritage, The Summit, Cascade, Lily & Rose, Level, etc but I only have one destination. Widely Project. I was there and bought some stuffs from my favorite local brands. I will show you later when I post a new outfit for those. 

Today's outfit is a simple yet comfortable style, I'm not really into casual, but you can see its enough to watching a movie. Transformer is cool! I heard a lot of critics about the latest Transformer and I almost not watching it because of my friend's review, unfortunately this friend is successful to persuade me, and thanks God I watched it! I bought this cool skirt from my latest holiday in Bali then I know my shoes is catch your attention! I got this super cool shoes from Beary Shoes. You can easily click on the link and order it. It usually fits true size but for this model of shoes, I suggest you to buy one size bigger from your usual size.

Taken by Ardiasa Putra in front of Kemang Village Mall. Thanks!

Fitted Hats - Kenzo
Top - H&M
Skirt - The Story Of
Shoes - Beary Shoes

100% Home Project
Line : bearhouseshoes, bearyshoes
WA/SMS : +6287877883455 (no call)

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