BALI BALI BALI and I just came back from BALI!

Short gate away but it's really FUN! Tell you the truth, beach is not my place. It's hot, a lot of sand (make me itchy), a lot of water (since I don't believe in myself that I can swim well), and it have a big possibilities to make you tanned! BUT, in this 'shopping' trip, of course I won't go to beach everyday. I just walked around to see the coolest stuff ever (I will tell you in the next post).

Because it's not a new place for me and I'm not that kind of exited for beach, so I didn't take much photos. I just take some outfit looks for my blog and I will post it now and in other two post!

This is my outfit for day two in Bali! This outfit make me. feels like a girl who prepare herself to go to beach (but actually we are not going to beach hahaha)

You can grab my whole outfit in Jakarta, Indonesia. I bought hat and top at H&M Gandaria City. Bikini from Forever 21 Grand Indonesia. Shorts from ZARA Grand Indonesia, and my sandals from H&M Grand Indonesia. I just bought it H-1 before I go to Bali. 

I love my cute details on my hat, it's really represent beach. Zara's shorts with floral detail caught my attention. I search shorts in those retail store but I can't found better than this. My sandals is glow in the dark but I can't give you some pictures that how it react with sun light and glow in the darkness! 

Photos taken at South Kuta Hotel by the only one Ines, thanks babe!

Hat - H&M
Top - H&M
Bikini (Top) - Forever 21
Shorts - ZARA
Sandals - H&M


Left - Right : Yonas - Valerie - Devi - Gaby - Ines - Collin - Tita - Nana

You guys awesome and rocks! Please is it not real right: "geng Bali udah bubar" like Collin said to us hahahaha! I am waiting you guys in  Jakarta and I hope to see all of you SOOOOOON!! 

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