What if 'Waiting' is The Only Option?



So this week feelings is similar than last week. Too busy to notice, too tired to realize. I just finished some interview in some companies at Talent Fair in my campus. The result? It's too early for a result since I will finished my study on August. Some company called me to do a psycho test and interview. I was a bit confused because I still didn't know what kind of working environment really suit me. 

Detail of my skirt from Egency's

I am wearing Stupkid crop shirt. You can get this lovely shirt easily since it's their latest collection. I know you guys notice that I have a lot of stuffs of Stupkid (maybe some of you is bored), but still more styles to bump up ;). You know that currently crop top become so famous here. I can't deny I'm the victim of crop top madness. 

The name of my Egency's skirt is Coriolis Skirt, there are two kind of color, black and white. I always love to wear black color because it makes me slimmer than real condition haha. Currently a lot of fabric used to make a popular skirt. From silk, satin, leather, and any kind of fabric that can be used. This Egency's is somehow one of a kind! As long as I observe, a lot of local brands (not a designer works) never used this material, Egency is the first local brand and I can't describe the happiness to found this thingy! 

Taken by Ardiasa Putra in front of Pacific Place, grazie!  

Crop Shirt - Stupkid
Skirt - Egency
Shoes - Forever 21

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