Oops, Something Fishy


I always bump into an accident that make me realize something fishy! God always love me event I'm a sinner. He didn't want me to put too much efforts in this situation. Actually I really want to put a lot of efforts, but I guess, He already give me a hint to stop it. I won't stop, but I'll do it in my own way. 

I bought my rayban aviator mirror sunglasses on my last trip in Paris. I thought I won't buy it since it's out of date but I really become a laggards! I have a lot of though before buying this because I didn't like mainstream things. Finally, I ended up to buy it (it's always happen in my life huft). 

I wear Spotlight's cardigan that I bought in last Fimela Fest at Kota Kasablanka. Top is from my friend, Amelia Bunjamin's clothing line, Apparel After Dark. First time I saw her wore this top, I just love it so I bought it.  

I got my super lovely shoes from Beary Shoes, they sell a lot of good quality shoes in Indonesia and also Malaysia. They also have a home base in some city like Jakarta, Medan, Yogyakarta, etc, it's awesome way to advance selling. So check their collections now!

Cardigan - Spotlight
Shorts - H&M
Sunglasses - Rayban
Shoes - Beary Shoes

100% Home Project
Line : bearhouseshoes, bearyshoes
WA/SMS : +6287877883455 (no call)

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