Mental Breakdown!



This photo was taken yesterday. This is the fastest updates blog in my life! I skip some photos because I need to post this one as soon as I was happy to watched 2ne1 concert yesterday! So its my outfit to watching a concert. Yesterday concert was so amazing, esp my onnie CL, my GZB, my superstar! I really love when she sing these 2 songs, GZB and Mental Breakdown. I upload a video at instagram. 

So, this is my new shoes! It's... SNEAKERS and super mainstream New Balance. Here's a story behind that shoes. One day, I hurt my feet because of my Forever 21 shoes. It's too high and I was tired to walk with that shoes (I didn't know it will took a lot of time to walking in the mall haha). So I visit Galleries Lafayette to check some mid night sale discount. I check Jeremy Scott but I prefer to buy online trough Solestruck, it's cheaper. Then I saw this New Balance limited edition in Pink! The first reason why I don't like sneakers because they are too boring. The color, it's rarely have some pattern, and it's not pretty. But, this New Balance have a love pattern and overall I saw it prettily. So I bought it! 

I have some outfit tips to watch a concert (as seen as my outfit)
- Wear a comfortable shoes such as sneakers! I believe your feet won't get hurt.
- Wear a shorts and comfy t-shirt, so you won't feel hot inside the concert hall.

And maybe, you don't have to put any make up because it will be a super mess! Like in these photos, I just put eyeliner, and that's all. 

After the shoes maybe you curious where to buy some details on my outfit. I bought that Sailor Moon top from Platform at instagram, it's Usagi! The main character of Sailor Moon. It's super cute with yellow collor and not really expensive and above all, it's a crop top! Shorts from H&M, it's pretty new collection. You can check it at Gandaria City store. Oh you finally realize, it's shorts, not dungaree. You also can remove the strap and it's also adjustable. My super cute bracelet from Label Cut. They sell a lot of amazing accessories.

Shoes - New Balance
Socks - Primark
Sailormoon Top - Platform Store
Shorts - H&M
Bracelet - Label Cut

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