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Yea yea, it's Infare outfit, I know it's late but this outfit should be on my blog and tada! how is it? I just got my photos from my friend, Ines, a few days ago. So lately, I post a lot of my newest photos.

The Entire Cat Population is My Bestfriend from The Ballet Cats. I bought it trough It's Indonesian brand but you can't found easily like the other local brand clothing lines. They didn't have instagram but they have twitter. They have their own website but if you are Indonesian, I suggest you to buy trough Bobobobo (the shipping is a bit cheaper and not confusing). The quality of this sweater is outstanding. So you better buy this so you won't regret like me, because I miss their April Mop Special Edition (The Entire Dog Population is My Bestfriend).

Skirt from Cocraparis, a local brand from Bali. It's their meong collection. I bought a set (crop tee and splits skirt). I like skirt with a bit higher splits. In this photo you can saw it have a higher splits, but in a real way to wear it, it's not really high (it's normal so don't worry!). I only wear the skirt and wait for the crop itself! 

It's UNIF day! Finally got my DWBH boots! I got this boots from their own website, since Solestruck didn't have my size. The happiness of when you buy shoes in Solestruck is they write really well about sizing in the information and it's in bold, but in DWBH boots, it's a bit confusing like this: 

 "Sizes up through size 7 fit half a size large, size 8 fits true to size, and sizes 9-11 fit half size small. All sizes fit tight across the instep. Women's size US 8 (EU 38) insole measures at about 25 cm. Each whole size is 1 cm difference." 

Because of the information (size US 8 (EU 38) insoles measures at about 25cm --- normally it's 24,5cm), so I bought US 8. BUT, my feet easily fit but it's a bit narrow in my toe. So, I suggest you to buy US 9 if you usually wear US 8. 

The beanie itself is a bit tight, it's not comfortable enough. My friend try to wear my beanie as well, she said it fits well. It means, only me (and my light hair) can't fit in UNIF beanie.  

Beanie - UNIF
Sweater - The Ballet Cats
Skirt - Cocraparis
Don't Worry Be Happy Boots - UNIF


Outfit shot is taken by Ines and these bonus photos is taken by Oktofiandri, so much thanks to both of you!

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