Such a Dream


I barely not publish these pictures because of it gives me the so-so feeling. When you see, it's nothing. Only one set of basic short and top. Then... I finally made it!

Yesterday is public holiday, it's Vesak Day. I just stay in my room, watching Roomates and We Got Married Global Edition. I watch it trough kshowonline. In these days, I just realize that I can sleep really well. Always weird and bad dreams come, although I rarely bump into a dream. I always wake up when I realize it's only a dream but last night dream is a bit success to make me not realize earlier than usual and I remember the dream about. So.. maybe I can share about it and you can tell me what's the meaning.

The dream itself about my family and me, and I also saw my cousin in the car. We are heading to forest with a car. I remember I sit in the middle. It seems like... a safari? or jungle? anyway, it's afternoon and we choose to enjoy it until night. We are in the car and it's suddenly fogging, and..... There is a jaguar angry and it try to break our window. So, we are in a state super panic and I was driving (?). Yes, I don't know why I change sit and now become a driver. I try to driving but I can't see anything because of fog, our car is fall into a cliff. We are injured but still alive. I gain my consciousness and become a panic again because a lot of my family injured. I don't know why our car not exploding like a movie hahaha yes it's a dream! Then I am driving and search a near place to get some medicine or treatment. I find a military village (?). I come and a lot of soldier and nurses help me to bring my family members to get a treatment. Then I suddenly, wake up. Because... I just feel super weird and realize it's a dream! The things that it doesn't make sense is the car is not exploding at all and I can drive it like nothing happen. Nothing to machine or anything. So I just feeling it's really weird and I realize it's a dream. Finally.... I woke up.

I never have a long story about a dream because I can wake up easily if I think it doesn't make any sense. So this dream is a bit 'special'. Its my assumption but I think.... I feel bored nowadays, so I'm not letting myself to wake me up. 

Maybe it's not that good in these photos at the first but you must feel the quality of this set and details.
Here I give you a darker picture, so you can see these pattern!

I bought these set at a Cita Cinta Bazaar in a special price. Who doesn't like sale? Even it's not that cheap but I like it because they have awesome material. I'll let you touch it in my stand at the next Infare! Who's join? Don't forget to come to Infare at the last week of this month. Shoes from Stupkid and I lucky that they still have my super commen size (IT39/US8).  

Top - Argyle & Oxford
Short - Argyle & Oxford
Shoes - Stupkid
Rings - Claire

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