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How's your day? Me quite good. This week time goes so fast, that I didn't realize that a week almost over. I spent my time at campus from Monday till Tuesday. In Wednesday I came back to Jakarta and I went to  Kamal to check some material with my dad for our new house. 

The highlight of this week is I am doing a photoshoot with my friends! Ines and Putri. This photoshoot was held at Mangara Studio, Jl. Sisingamangaraja no.43, Jakarta Selatan. The shot is fun and I am waiting for the best result! I will share it later after I got the photos. 

I don't know if you notice, but I am wearing hair accessories (a tie), it's made from leather, but sadly I forgot to shoot the details (forgive me). The short is made from leather, I suddenly found it in some rack and only 1 left. The size is XS and without thinking, I just bought it! Because I am craving a high waist leather short and I nearly give up to search one. Thanks God I found one and not so expensive!

Outerwear - Spotlight
Short - Forever 21 
Top - Label Cut 
Hair Accessories - Forever 21
Shoes - YRU

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