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Soooo whassup?! I finished watching a popular korean drama : You Who Came from Another Star. I finished it by two days and I really like the drama. The vibes is similar when I watched Secret Garden. Kim Soo Hyun there is... make me forget to eat and take a bath to watch him continuously. I love all of the character there. I can't deny that Kim Soo Hyun is the first reason I want to watch this drama, but I really like the story plot. It's fantasy romance and not so hard to understand. In the end of story.. I cried. In the last two episodes, its really hard to hold my tears. I hate when I know this person can't stay any longer or something like the separation thingy, but in the end, they serve us, the viewers, with win win solution ending! I'm sorry I can't tell you more, because I'm afraid I give you a spoiler ;)

Lately, in my country, Indonesia. This super popular drama is being plagiarism! I hate to admit, but.. it's my country NEVER ENDING problem. The cast are twice bigger-fat-anything than the real one. The story is SAME. The places is not as luxurious as the real drama ( I know they didn't have that much budget). I'm not a die hard fans of this drama, but I hate if plagiarism like this is ruin this beautiful drama. So please, stop it. Stop to air this 'sinetron' and stop anything you start. Because you (the production house) is never have a happy ending story.

That see-through long pants from Regarde, I bought it 1 years ago at the bazaar (I forgot the name) and this is my first time to wear it. Actually I really love see-through things and I have a lot of these kind of style.

I wore shirt from LO-SHOP by Lovita Hilman. It's their new collection and do check their instagram because they offer you a casual style in fashion. Don't worry if you really not into casual (because me either), you can make it into your style. I have another piece of these brand and will be posting soon!

Trousers - Regarde
Shoes - Bershka
Hat - Belive Me

IG : @lovitahilman
BBM : 74716414
WA : +6285882477801
LINE : lo-shop

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