Am I The Prettiest in The World?


Frankly speaking, I updated my blog because I just realize, I have 2 more photos before I got a new hair cut. This photos is taken by Ines in front of ex after Infare's meeting. 

In these days, I just killing the time watching Korean TV Show "Dad, Where Are You Going". I just started and falling in love easily because its just hilarious! I am not hating kids, I just (sometimes) didn't like kids because of the noisiness BUT this show open my heart a bit. I enjoy watching these kids doing something useless, only playing around with their daddy and they are just lovely! Am I in the age that really want have a kids? I guess, no. 

I bought the black crop top with a-kind-of-belt detail from Nikicio trough instagram. Actually you can simply buy it from Goods Dept or another store, but as always, I enjoy online shopping more than 'actual' shopping. I falling in love with the detail, if you notice that once I post this kind-of short, the brand is Pinx. About the top, that Snow White, it's from online shop at instagram, click the link because they sell a lot of cool stuff! Shoes from YRU, I bought it via Solestruck. 

Black Crop Top - Nikicio
Skirt - Zara
Shoes - YRU

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