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I'm angry. Soon, this blog will be my diary. So dear diary, nowadays this young guy made me sick off. We are friend, yeah you can say maybe it's like a best friend, but "Your worst enemy could be your best friend and your best friend your worst enemy" --Bob Marley. I hope this guy is not become my enemy, since I still have 3-4 month to do final assignment with him. Enjoy myself to become his friend for our (final) sake! 

So, let me tell you that what kind of personality of some people that I can't stand:
- He/she think he/she is the most clever ever person in the whole world. //SOTOY
- They have their own mind, like to conclude others thought and they always right //NGOTOT
- They tease you on what they judge //NYINDIR

I know nobody is perfect, so I can stand with one or two kind of personality in one person. BUT, if those kind of three is appear in one person, I hope I don't know them. 

I don't know what I've done to write it down about this kind-of-friendship matters, but it helps my feelings getting refreshed even for a bit. I know this person won't read my blog, or even this person know oh thank's God he still acknowledge me. Hey, maybe we can talk and solve this. Did you know I won't ask you? And I also know that you won't ask me to! So....

--- The End ---

Wearing super cute and affordable for one of a kind rain coat from Spotlight. Get this short from Cita Cinta Bazaar and shoes from Y.R.U. I bought it from Karmaloop. 

Top - Giyongchy
Rain Coat - Spotlight 
Shoes - Y.R.U
Choker - L.I.N.F

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