I Miss It!


I miss it, April Fool!

Actually here, in Indonesia, April Fool is not really 'big'. How about April Fool in your country? Sometimes I want to feel another 'big' day in every country, like April Fool or Halloween.

Anyway, this week I finished my DIY shirt at Esmod. It's fun (and hard), but nothing easy to learn something new but you can feel it easier if you enjoy it. To me, I enjoy it, much. I really want to try my 'skill' as soon as possible. I belive I will face a lot of struggle, but don't worry, I have friends that I can ask and books! *fighting me!*

A bit touch up of pastel in my look because I just feeling into pastel nowadays. You know, if girls like something cute, maybe she is (now) falling in love. For me, it's not working. I just like it because I'm a bit bored with my black! I got this dress from STUPKID because another dress/top is too bigger for me. First, I didn't choose this model, but end up with this model. Fail my body not into a right proportion so sometimes I hard to find smaller size to fit my size. And the shoes, did I tell you before that I got these shoes from River Island Amsterdam? I really love River Island's shoes. It's really fit my taste. I want to buy all of their shoes but I don't know how to bring it back to Indonesia (and money didn't allow me to). The glasses I got from I-FEST Bazaar last two weeks, and the blue ribbon, I got from Forever21.

Cut Out Bunny Dress - STUPKID
Sunglasses - Roemah Belanja // @roemahbelanja
Shoes - River Island
Bag - (a gift)
Ribbon - Forever 21

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