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Every time I update my blog, I just miss the chance to update my other account in Lookbook, Chictopia, and What I Wear. I always asking "why?" to know what the reason behind this. It's not like I don't have time, but I was lazy. So in today's post, I just want to spell out the features or anything come on my mind that make you lazy to updates your look.

1. Lookbook
- Lookbook is old.
- The options of the types of what you wear is soooo old that sometimes you can't found the correct one and ends with the 'similar' one.
- They ask us to give a name of the product, it's required? but I NEVER say the name of product, and nothing happen (so, please don't say it's required).
- When your karma is not enough, you NEVER be in the NEW page (just a dream to bump into Popular one, I guess)
- Tips to gain a karma or attention when you are (still) not appear in Lookbook? comment to any user's photos and they will notice you are exist (at least, they will commeting back or if you are lucky, they will fanned you).
- Sometimes error because the website took some time to reload. 

2. Chictopia
- The main page of this website is a bit weird because the mix the things and fashion (styles) together. Sometimes you can found online shop in the front page. Yes, it's a bit confusing.
- They force us to make an occasion and choose the season of your look. Well, I hope Chictopia can add more option like: "whatever".
- Chictopia also old and a bit complicated, they give us too much option to complete our look's information.

3. What I Wear
- Modern enough.
- Maybe because it's modern, so the option of colors, brand, etc is more complete than others.
- But sometimes, it's error or you may have took some time to reload.
- This website is not really popular if you ask people outside Indonesia, they will prefer Lookbook first, than Chictopia, and What I Wear, but many people in Indonesia join What I Wear.

Anyway, overall. I still one of the million who join those three! So all of the reasons or statements above is not affect me. Even it's to old school (still) I joined. If you have account in those three, please tell me (in the comment maybe?). It's quite fun if we fan/follow each other to make an Indonesian army!

(I try my best to update to my latest look, so please play with me so it will be more fun!)

I got the top from Crave for Black, it's a gift from them. How nice and thanks for the gift. Short is from Spotlight, I'm a big fan of their collection, because the always selling unique fashion that you can't found easily here. The main point of this look is the suspender, If you can't see clearly, it's like a ruler. I got it from Claire, Senayan City. It's really cute to be left so I bought it. 

Photo by my lovely sister Patrisca Amanda, taken in front of my dorm. This is the first time editing using Camera Bag from Mac Book application. Guess, I still love Photoshop more!

Top - Crave for Black
Shorts - Spotlight
Shoes - Forever 21
Suspender - Claire (Senayan City)
Custom Beanie - @beaniehipstore

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