Dorothy Perkins Styling Competition



I'm joining Dorothy Perkins Styling Competition. So in this opportunity I prepared a new look from 1 from the 10 of essential: "statement shirt". I was google it and get this inspiration for kind of statement shirts. 

Credit by Stylehaus

The competition was held until April 27, so today is the last day!

Some info maybe you want to join this competition:
1. Follow twitter @DPerkins_ID
2. Like fanpage Dorothy Perkins at
3. Upload 2 photos of styling to Fimela Media facebook page
4. The styling itself should be inspired by Dorothy Perkins Style Essentials
5. Write some short description for you photos when you upload it on Fimela Media facebook page.

So here is my statement shirt. BULLSHIT from KZL Projects and Feels Good from Celengan. I bought the bullshit shirt from a week ago and just arrive on time so I can wear it yesterday and join this competition. The feels good I bought it a long time ago and the look is from  my latest updates on the blog.

I choose statement shirt because I like to wear a comfortable t-shirt nowadays. Actually I have some old photos wore midi skirt, maxi skirt, and small bag but I really into t-shirt so here, 2 photos of me wearing 1 of the essentials: STATEMENT SHIRT

Wish me luck! Until the next post, see ya~! 

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