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Hello everyone!

I don't have any interesting activities this week but I have something interesting that I wanna tell you!

I am wearing this Celengan tshirt with words "feels good" on it, the color is red velvet and they success to make this tee with a really good material. 

Celengan is the leading clothing collection and maker that are dedicated for charity in Jakarta, Indonesia. They are committed to contributing a portion of their revenue that they make from each project to various orphanages in Jakarta, Indonesia. Celengan, which in also know by their slogan "A Gift For Nation" is a company that produces high-quality clothing, producing in tshirt, shirt, polo, and merchandise. 

So, the good news for all of us that now, we have a facility to provide us to give a charity! When you buy 1 of their product, it means you can feed 1 person in orphanages. It's not a hoax or gossip or something that you think it's just a lies or false pretenses. A lot of proof that you can found it on their website and instagram.

The upcoming charity event is "Do-Fun", they will bring 60 orphan kids to Dufan. At first this supposed to be held on Saturday, 19 April'14 and also to celebrate Kartini's Day. But for one of another reason, they have to postponed this event. So they gonna do this on Saturday, 3 May 2014. Celengan also invite Rekor Muri Indonesia and media for this event. The activity is beside we gonna play all day long (9am-4.30pm) with the kids, they gonna make the record for the longest story telling graphic tshirt. So, all the volunteers will wear a t-shirt with different graphic and story on it.

For future information, please check their instagram and contact person on it. 

Detail of my outfit 

Tshirt - Celengan
Shoes - Forever 21
Skirt - H&M
Bag - Lunatic Pink Monster // @lunaticpinkmonster
Beanie - Hipstore Beanie

Until the next post, see ya~!

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