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Outfit post for Infare day 4! (finally).

I supposed to be the last blogger who updates their outfit post in their blog or maybe the first (?). So in this mean time, I just want to tell you that I (officially) become an Esmod student! Tomorrow is my first day so I can't wait to live like a fashion student. 

Maybe some of you ask "why?" because I'm a business student and why choose fashion design. I have some goals in my life. Become rich (with my own business) is my last goal but there are few steps to reach the final goal. So basically I just interest on make an outfit (not drawing), so I take a basic drafting class (not fashion design class). Hope it will works well on me.

Actually this is my very first plan to do in this last semester of my university. My second plan is do an internship at H.M Sampoerna. I do an interview and I guess there is some miss communication inside their department. I won't tell you here because it's not worth enough to be mention again. God really nice to me, He know the best for me and make my fist plan going (a bit) smoothly~

See-trough dress - Label Cut // @labelcut
Shoes - ZARA
Top - KTZ

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