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Currently not in the good mood because a lot of things happen and destroy my happiness. Did you guys watch Divergent? I watched it last Thursday and I prefer Hunger Games more than this. People nowadays keep comparing Divergent and Hunger Games. I found it interesting because actually it's different. From the plot of the story also different so why they keep comparing?

Anyway, did you ever hate someone? Me? Yes. Actually I'm not a kind that can 'hate' people. I am a really positive person and friendly so I like to talk and do anything fun with you. BUT, I still like a normal person. I can hate people, but God didn't allow me to. So this is a story! 

I have some problem with a friend of mine, called her Z. A lot of problems occur but don't ask me why because I don't know the exact reason. You must be me so you will know "why". I can't mention something bad about people like "Oh, I hate her because she ugly or blablablah". I try my best to avoid her. I saw her on university and find another way to avoid her. AND on my last thursday, I watch Divergent and guess what? I sit side by side with her. Oh come on! I watch at Kemang Village because the Mall is pretty new and not many people there. I watch Divergent also pretty late and do you know that the sit map in the movies is A LOT??? Why I must bump up into her? This is happen, and ALWAYS like this. 

When I still in a high school, I hate someone (and I forgot who), then I avoid her (of course). Someday it's switching-sit day around the students, and I have the luckiest one! Sit BESIDE this person. I become speechless when I found out that this person is sitting beside me. My mind not in the right place, I request to change place because I can't stand anymore. And the teacher change my place the day after the switching-sit day happen. The funniest thing is, God ALWAYS didn't allow me to 'hate' people. In the end, I must forget and give her a forgiveness.

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