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Finally a post on the blog~!

Hello everyone! It's been a while, and I already fulfill one of my wish! Being a fashion student! Yeay me! I REALLY WANT TO LEARN how to make clothes. Yes, make a clothes not drawing in the paper with a model with a very fashionable things in her body until you can't make it real. I really want to have a clothing brand someday, so I need these kind of knowledge. I took a short course for pattern drafting at Esmod. Basic pattern drafting is about how to make a pattern for skirt, shirt, and dress. I'm a bit confused at the first because I read the description that in the end you must make your own skirt, shirt, and dress (I mean, you need to learn at the first how to sew). But this fear is luckily disappear because the teacher teach us first how to sew and operates the sewing machine.

I am waiting for this 'free' moment, the short course need 3 hours a day and I think I need a lot of time because I am afraid if they give me a lot of homework and etc so I can't doing this when I still on my university. BUT again, my worries is just too much. In 3 hours you can do all of things that you can do and if you still not finished yet, you can continue in the school and if it possible you can do your homework OR just come earlier in the next day and you can do the homework. The homework isn't hard, if you feel it's fun, I guess, for me it's fun!

Jacket - Lunatic Pink Monster // @lunaticpinkmonster
Short - Tommy Hilfiger
Choker - Damn! Awesome // @damnawsm2
Shoes - EMS Project

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