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Long time no seeeeee all of my readers. Whoever are you thanks for read my (little) blog. Today I will tell you what have I done for my conference (+ holidays). I hope my story can be your reference too for plan your own traveling.

Day 1 : February 5
I safely arrive in Frankfurt (Frankfurt International Airport) on February 5 in the morning. I stayed at Five Elements Hostel, near Frankfurt Main Flughafen Regionalbahnhof (Frankfurt Train Stations). The Hostel is really good, they have a big room for 6 persons, living room, dining table, kitchen, and a good bathroom. To fulfill our hungry tummy, friend and me went to the famous kebab house in Frankfurt, Koylu Doner. Actuallyl I don't like eating burgers, kebab, and sandwich because it's hard to eat them cleanly, but still! It's just a shame if I am not try that famous kebab. It's really good and edible. 

At night, we visited Hauptwache area: Zeil Galerie, Galeria Kaufhof and a lot of mall/shops such as 2 ZARA, 2 H&M, Bershka, etc. Frankly, I am not buy anything that night, maybe because I want to enjoy these quality time, feel the air, together with my friends. 

Koylu Doner
Galeria Kalfhof
Zeil Galerie

Day 2 : February 6
We are waiting for the opening ceremony at 3 PM and we have time to sightseeing the city. For a breakfast, I went to eat something near my hostel and found a bazaar. I ate a super yummy chicken! I don't know what name of the bazaar, but I think the bazaar is only available on every friday, because I visit it again tomorrow and there is no bazaar like that. I personally go to Hauptwache area to see another store there. They have a really big store: Primark (sell a lot of stuffs with a super cheap price, for example sweaters for 8 euro). After we went to Johann Wolfgang Goethe Universitat for Model United Nation conference. A lot of people join this conference, from Sydney, Bulgaria, Croatia, etc. 

Johann Wolfgang Goethe Universitat

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