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Hello! Happy Chinese New Year! 

I guess this is not my last post before I am going to Frankfurt next week. I am not so ready, still not pack my belongings, and (still) a lot of things to do before officially leave for 12 days. This week I spent my time to prepare and finish my last presentation in this semester for my business project. (I will choose the date to announce it, about what kind of business, it's not on Fashion Industry or Creative. It's about a Decorations). The presentation was going smoothly and we are finished before the due date (February 7).

Two days ago, I went to post office in Jakarta Pusat to take my babies from Karmaloop. I bought 2 pairs of Jeffrey Campbell and 1 pair of YRU last Christmas. I said before that I must pay USD 230 for the tax, I am really sure they made a mistake so I went there to protest and it's approved. They made a mistake (they charge me with a wrong invoice) and I paid (in the end) USD 90. Thanks to my experience to make a deal with custom. AND I got a phone number for the next order! (Sst, you know what I mean). 

The last movie that I watched was Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit. It's a good movie actually but not so recommend because the story line is too fast at the first and end with some useless actions. 

I got some money yesterday for Chinese New Year. I want to buy a lot of things and I must make a priority (because I can't but those in the same time), which thing that I will regret if I don't have it in my live. So, this is my looks and see ya in my next post~

Top - One and A Half // @oneandahalf
Skirt - Label Cut // @labelcut
Shoes - Bershka
Hat - Believe Me, Bangkok

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