Dear Honorable Delegates


Dear honorable readers,

I want to share my experience about this conference. I will try my best to explain what I've got. Firstly Main MUN in Frankfurt is divided into 3 big commission: General Assembly, Peace Building, and Security Council. I personally chosen to be a delegates for Morocco in Peace Building Commission. The simulation of United Nation is start from the chairman. We all of delegates can speak out our mind and the rest is vote. If someone is deny the statement, another delegates also can deny or just silent, but in the end all of us must vote to make a final decision. It's actually really fun if you are really understand how it works and the topic is interesting.

The first thing to discuss is how long the speaking time will be. The chairman give us 60 seconds (1 minutes) and we all delegates can speak if we don't agree with the speaking time. A person (I don't know the name) from delegates of Ethiopia said 60 seconds is not enough to tell us about the issue and facts about the country then the chairman ask all of delegates: "Is there any motion on the floor?" means are delegates have something to speak to deny the opinion. Delegates of India speak up that 60 seconds is enough and suggest to have a vote. In the end we are voting and 60 seconds are final decision. Lately, another delegates suggest to make 120 seconds and another said 90 seconds, and we are vote again, in the end 90 seconds is a REAL final decision. Actually it's a bit boring, we spent 2 hours ONLY to make a decision about speaking time. But yeah, enjoy it. 

The topic in this Peace Building is about Women Empowerment, and the rest is.... ( I forgot but doesn't matter). The common things in this conference is we always say "Dear Honorable Delegates or Dear Distinguish Delegates". I like how they say it make you feel like an important people. The ambiance itself is quite impressive. 

Anyway, this is my look for become a tourist! Finally I can wear a coat. In Indonesia, it's impossible to wear a coat like this. 

Sweater - ZARA
Coat - ZARA
Bag - Charles & Keith
Dress - Identite
Shoes - KML
Necklace Hama Beads - Naskathi // @naskathi
Hat - Belive Me

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