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I can't remember exactly what I have done in Paris. I spent my time to hunt a Hermes bag for 3 days. I don't know if I allowed to tell you a story of my experience to got a Hermes bag, I'll tell you a bit. It's (of course) not for me, it's for my friend. I help him to get one. It's kind of challenging for me because he said it's really hard to got one. (and yes, I am a witness). What I looking for are Birkin or Kelly. They not be displayed and we must ask them if they have some and if we allowed to buy. It's weird right? "Even you have unlimited riches, you can't always get what you want." --Hermes rule no.1.

I learn a lot of things to got a Hermes bag. It's about know-how to got attention from them. Maybe I can share some. It's better if you wear something about Hermes, for instance: scarf, perfume, coat, watch, etc. They will know you are a fan of Hermes and they will appreciate it! "If you love me, show it" -- Hermes rule no.2.

You won't ask them for the bag without reason. You have to got some special occasion. For example, your wedding anniversary, wedding gift, graduation gift, or something unusual. Please don't make a story, because they ask. They know if you hide something not real. Just relax and try to make a reason reasonable. "I like being special" -- Hermes rule no.3.

Be careful about how you ask, how you treat the bag, how you bring the bag, etc. It's about basic and manner things to treat a Hermes. Show some respect and be patient. Don't rush, they like to have a conversation. Know the timing and ask them about what you are looking for. The size and color is important so show some care. Do not point another bag if they show you something. Appreciate what they give you (even in the end you don't like the bag it's okay, but show some interest). In the end. they will love you. "If you want me, show me some respect" -- Hermes rule no.4

Hm another one is (only) my own perception, if you are Asian, please search for another person to serve you. Do not looking for Asian. They are fierce (because maybe they know you well). Vice versa. 

Other information that you have to know if you bought Birkin/Kelly you can't buy that again in one country for six month (you can buy those in another country). They record you, do not be a liar, they know it and (would be) hate you. So in the end, you just have enough luck to got one. I'm sorry I can't show you some pictures because it's prohibited difficult to take pictures inside, my heart rushing like a horse. So, I will share my outfit!

Until the next post, see ya~!!

Coat - ZARA
Sweater - ZARA
Hat - Belive Me
Boots - KML

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