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Day 3 : February 7

My born date and yes, I am officially 22! My wishes? I just hope to get an infinity happiness from people around me. Do you know that happiness is just right with double s because it say one s is never enough for people and God really want to give you extra s! (just my story hahaha). So I got a polaroid camera with a lot of film (40 sheets), and a mirror special for this polaroid to doing a selca! But the special one is it a PANDA-edition! Love it sooo much and you really know I need this because mine is broken. In the morning, I went to Simit Sarayi to have some breakfast. I choose a bread randomly because I don't know what's good there. It's quite nice but I will not spent twice. After breakfast, I join a conference (and this will be my routine until the conference end).

In this warm winter, I ate Haagen-Dazs Rum Raisin and it makes my mood up! Sometimes I can have a bad mood because the wind but thanks to ice cream and McDonald's nuggets (with spicy sauce). At night, I visited Romer but too bad, it's too dark to take a picture. In the end, I cross the bridge with my friends and spent our time to have a dinner on Gasthaus zum Eisernen Steg. The food there is quite good and I choose to eat ribs. I can eat it well but sauerkraut is not edible for me.

Day 4 : February 8
Skip the conference story (because nothing to tell except "Honorable Delegates" things lol), I just looking around Hauptwache area to go shopping. I bought a beanie for only 3 euro in H&M and didn't found anything special there. What special there? Taeyang's Ringa Linga was played in the store. Then I went to Snipes Store and bought Criminal Damage tee and Vision Street Wear tee. I was very happy because it's hard to found a street wear shop in this business city. I also found 1 shoe store that sell Jeffrey Campbell and Dr Martens but I didn't buy anything because I think I will found another store in Paris (and I regret now). After, I visit Romer and take a lot of photos and having lunch at Alten Limpurg. I ordered Goulash and it's soooo delicious. Time goes so fast because we are shop around, ZARA is on sale, tee only 3.99 Euro and a lot of things like coat is only 30 Euro, pants only 10 Euro. The price is rarely to be seen in Indonesia. In the evening, we are eating in the mall at Aiso, a kind-of Japanese restaurant that sell Asian foods. It's rainy outside so we just ate in the mall. I ordered orange chicken with noodles, but it's not that good. After we are going back to our hostel, and finish trip today.

Day 5 : February 9
The last day of conference, so we have "a must" schedule in the afternoon to visit the university and attend the closing ceremony. This day is not really busy, we just going to university and come back to the hotel because we must pack our stuff and go to Amsterdam at night. 

Gasthaus zum Eisernen Steg

Simit Sarayi

PANDA Polaroid Editions

Goulash - Alten Limpurg

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