Day 6: February 10

Yuhu~ Frankfurt is great and I believe Amsterdam was awesome. I need more days! 3 days is NOT ENOUGH. I arrived on February 9 at night and was slept in our hotel, Hotel Espresso. It was good, connecting door with other room, but the toilet is awful because it's too cold. Some material in toilet's window is a shame (the cold is infiltrate in a gap of window). Our room is small but I guess every hotel room in Amsterdam is small. We have our breakfast at Feebo. It was good especially the fried chicken. I bought I amsterdam city card for 24 hours pass and 72 hours transportation card free for use in every transportation. I amsterdam city card is very usefull because you get free pass in every museum, zoo, and got a discount for Madame Tussaud in Amsterdam.

So in the first day in Amsterdam, we choose to go to Volendam. We need to buy another different bus ticket because it's far from city center. It cost 12 euro (if I am not wrong lol). I enjoy my time there, to take a photos and visit Cheese Factory. I also bought souvenirs there, it's cheaper than city center. Oh! I almost forget to share that there is a REALLY delicious food but fool me I am not remember to take a check in there (only the food picture haha). It poffertjes with white chocolate and smarties!


Cheese Factory, Volendam
poffertjes with white chocolate and smarties

Day 7: February 11
We spent a whole day in Volendam and start our new day at shopping center! I went to De Bijenkorf to accompany my friend to hunt a Hermes bag. I take a look there and it looks like Galeries Lafayette but in smaller size. A lot of brands like Kenzo, Peter Pilotto, Top Shop, Louis Vuitton, etc. After my friend failed to get a Hermes there, I went to Urban Outfitters to take a look if I found something. It's actually big, around 3-4 floors but I can't found anything (maybe it's just not my day to shopping). After got a lunch at Mc Donalds (because it's the nearest place to eat), we visit Amsterdam Museum. We start to use the I amsterdam city card. Truthfully I don't like to visit museum. For me history is a long past and I won't care anymore. I am a person that can "try" to enjoy something even I don't like it, so I just enjoy myself to take a photos and sightseeing alone (yes alone, my other friends just too enjoys their time to hear some historical story from headphone and it took a year). After, I visit Van Gogh Museum (but I can't take a pictures there because it's prohibited) and Stedelijk Museum. It's art museum so it contain a lot of paintings. Art is more interesting than history but my friends are contrary, for them is not fun, but still we enjoy our time there. It's rainy and we are hungry, suddenly found a pizza restaurant, so we ate there at Pizzeria La Piazza. I ordered Hawaii and it's not that nice as in Romania. For dinner, we ate Kartika, Indonesian restaurant in front of our hotel. The highlight is the spicy aka sambel!

Madame Tussaud is the next destination! Before, I already visit Madame Tussaud in London, it's bigger than Amsterdam, but Amsterdam is also nice. It took half and hour there, we are taking picture with Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson, Robert Pattinson, etc. 

Amsterdam Museum

Stedelijk Museum
Piet Mondriaan's (did you see this before? YES! it's in The Sims)
Day 8 : February 12
Wolrd of Ajax Tours in the morning and we have a plan for Amsterdam Zoo in the afternoon, but guess what? We miss it because our card is expired. So we are comeback to our shopping center and just shopping. I visit River Island and Zara there and bought some shoes and clothes. 

At night, we are hungry and ends up with Indonesian food (again) at Sie Joe. I order nasi goreng, it was good and I am (very) sure it didn't contain any "micin" (well what is micin in english?). The owner is really talk active, he didn't allow us to go haha joke. He is very funny and love to talk about politic and religions issue.

World of Ajax Tour

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