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I hate to admit it but I have some trouble with the custom about my goods that I ordered in Karmaloop. I bough 3 shoes because of last Christmas Sale and one day I got a letter from a Post Office that my goods are already arrive here. BUT, I must pay around US$ 220 for that 3 shoes that I can't believe it WHY I must pay in that really BIG AMOUNT. I contact my friend to help me out from this situation but something didn't work out well. So, I am really confused what should I do? Is it normal to pay that amount for 3 shoes? This is not the first time I order something from outside, but this is terrible. I will go to Post Office on Monday and solve this problem.

So in this post, I want to share my hateful experience about How I make a visa in one of the hardest embassy ever, let's called it G Embassy. I got an appointment on 09.30 AM at their building next Mandarin Hotel. I came really early because my friend (Nicky) got an appointment on 07.30 AM and I think it's a good idea to come earlier (if something happen I can make some revision or anything so in my appointment later, I won't get any trouble).

We are queue for a bit and then come inside the building, preparing our documents. We are busy and Nicky is called by the girl inside the first locket. Because of she still not complete the documents, she had a late respond for 20 seconds, and the girl is already mad: "Where are you sitting? Did you hear my voice calling your name?". Yes, we are just keep silent and it's a bit shock because she is angry like that (Okay, she angry with a reason but....). After a while, Nicky's documents is checked but we just miss some address for our hotel in Frankfurt. She said she will wait for us until 11.00 AM to complete our document and TAKE A COUPON NUMBER: it means, our appointment is canceled and we just a normal people who take a coupon number to make a visa in that day.

The rest of our friends (2 people more Jasmine and Emyr) is coming late to print the missing documents. The documents finally complete and we are come back to the waiting room and wait for the calling. On 10.00 AM, the girl in the first locket calling my friend, Emyr and check the document. Unfortunately, he can't make it because of some issue, and the girl is angry with the officer, she called him angrily with the bell and he didn't hear anything. Nicky and me that realize the girl is angry with the officer because actually our appointment is cancelled and we must take a number but the officer didn't take out our name on the list appointment. We just called the officer to meet her and yes, he had been scolded. I guess we are in the bad situations and the girl angrily ask Nicky: "Did you take the coupon?!" "Yes" "Oh okay". The conversation ends without meanings.

After that scene, the girl in the second locket is calling our number. I can't be more happy because we didn't have to meet the girl in the first locket anymore, but the bad things just happen and unavoidable. The girl in the second locket is asking us with super detail questions, but still she is not asking us angrily, she has a manner (not like the one). Lately we just know that the girl in third locket is super angel, she is so kind and patient. We do a finger prints with her and finish smoothly.

That tiring day is paid off if our visa is finished on January 31 and I hope we won't get any more trouble. Some suggestion for you (esp. people who wants to visit Europe in Schengen area): Just make a visa in Netherlands Embassy, I heard it's easier (but because of that, sometimes its full of booked). 

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