Model United Nations is Confirmed!


Eight days after my last post, I start my holiday this week but I feel like a crazy people which is busier than my parents do. I will tell you about my experience (a kind of awesome experience).

I mention it before about Model United Nation and I always lazy to explain it. So today I won't ask you to find it on Google by yourself, but I will try to explain what is that. Model United Nations is a conference similar to the United Nations in which students participate as delegates to various UN Committees. Participants research and formulate political positions based on the actual policies of the countries they represent. The committees usually consist of the six committees of the General Assembly (or some subset of them), but may also include the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) and the Economic and Financial Committee. So, it's about students conference and my friends and me will join the MUN.

There are a lot of places that held MUN but I choose Frankfurt because there is no essay or something for a selections. If you are a person who like to challenge yourself, you can choose Harvard University (I heard the applicants must write an essay with min. something pages or whatever). I registered as a one person (in the end) but you can make a group first. The next is, the interesting part: You can get sponsored for this project (it means the fee for the conference and the rest can be free, depends on the sponsor), you can make a proposal for company to sponsoring your conference. You must make interesting offers and persuade them so they can give you a sponsor. The offers can include a promotions about company business card, social media blast, or something that benefit the company. I chosen to be a General Assembly of Morocco for this Main MUN (Main MUN is a Frankfurt's name MUN). Before, I also join an AIESEC program and exchange to Romania (Cluj-Napoca) for 6 weeks, but this MUN is a new experience for me!

The next question is: How can I join? After you read my personal thinking you will be very interest about MUN. I believe the reason is you are going to somewhere for a conference and you got sponsored. Ticket plane is free and I pay half for the hotel, and the rest of my needs (foods, shopping, etc). I will go to Frankfurt for MUN 5 days and after that 5 days more to Amsterdam and Paris. So, I'll be on absent to writing a blog for 10 days and will coming with a lot of updates! (A story of my friends and me coming to Europe and playing around do a conference).

Last but not least, if you are a blogger (Indonesian blogger for sure), and want to buy something on Paris, I'll try to help you to find the things that you want to buy. 

My looks for this post, check their instagram to get my stuff. I bought the baseball top in Romania in last exchange program, not sure if you can found here in Jakarta.

Baseball Top - H&M
Bralete - Label Cut // @labelcut
Pants - Label Cut // @labelcut
Hat - ZALENE // @zaleneos
Shoes - KML

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