Even if I'm late


Hello 2014!

Even if I'm late to post my looks on this early 2014, who cares. Starting to create some post in my blog today. I think I'm going to be a lazy blogger. It's nearly 1 week after my last post. I have some reasons to not write anything on my blog. I don't have time is a classic one, but the truth one is I just too happy to study on my last exam in my life! Yes, I will finish my 7th semester next week and I just too ready for another holiday.

Did you remember that I have a plan to visit Europe (Frankfurt to be sure) and maybe Paris for Model United Nations (MUN) Projects. I'm not surprise if you are forgetting it because me either! My friends and I can (successfully) going if we have some sponsors to pay our trips. If you are curious about MUN, just googling in and you will be found something.

I just realize that from my recent looks, I often use skirts and have a black nuance. I can't deny black become my favorite color because this color represent any kind of feelings. I bought Dignity's Saint one and a half month ago. I choose the sizing and prefer to use bigger size than usual (S to M). The material of this shirt is super good that you won't believe it's Indonesian brand! Proud to be local and don't forget to take a visit on their facebook (click on the links) and instagram (@dignitycloth). 

Top - Dignity
Skirt - Zara
Shoes - Bershka

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