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Yuhu~ I change my ultimate simple banner above, did you notice that one? And I add more tab for Indonesian Brands, let's see if I can write something on my next holiday (next week).

Today I finished my tiring final exam. Hm.. Not really, tomorrow is my (really) last day of final exam. The exam itself about english, yes IELTS things. I will not study for english because I feel guilty to not write something on my blog today.

About my condition in early 2014, I got a flu because of super not friendly wind near my habitat (okay if I write down "habitat", Its like I am an animal, not human). Joke.

In my last post, I write some reasons why I didn't write my blog so often. Guess I found 1 more reason now. I addicted to play Brave Frontier (a kind of game) in my iPAD. This game is easy to understand with RPG genre, and I think I have a very good luck so sometime when I summon a hero, I can got a rare/super rare/mega rare with 4 stars rate! (Err, sorry you will not understand unless you play).

Anyway, in this recent days, I like to listen a new group from JYP entertainment, GOT7's Girls Girls Girls. That annoying omona! keep repeating like a crazy. You can download here (if you are interest about Korean songs). I remembered that some people didn't want to be honest that they like Korean's songs. They afraid to be known as freak or something, but who cares~

About my outfit, like I promise you before, I will not post something with skirt because it's already too much haha! One day, I really want this jeans and I found one in one of infamous online shop that sells unique things (I will not tell you unless you ask lol), I ask the price, and its around IDR 8xx,xxx and it's not really worthed for unbranded things. In the last trip to Bangkok, I found this by accident, and here's hanging on my waist (This is cheaper than here because I bought it on its birthplace). The shoes itself, is it super cute? I bought it like 1 years ago and try to wear it again, it's still fit but bit dirty. It's okay, just wiped and it will be clean like a new.

Ps: Do you guys join INFARE second bazaar?

Cap - 10DEEP
Top - Stylenanda
Jeans - Echii Shop, Bangkok // @echiishop
Shoes - KML

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