I am comparing my look 1 month ago with my long hair, I kinda miss my long hair. I need something to make my hair grow faster! Any suggestion?

I supeeeeer busy this week. I must finished all my task on time. These days come so fast, H-11 for Christmas! I must ask something for Christmas present lol. Actually I didn't get any present in Christmas, it's just a tradition in my family. It's very rare to get a present if you are not in your birthday. So, in my age now, I just (late) craving for a present. Let's see if I get any present later.

 My last look for OOTD Indo Gathering last Sunday. (I just take a new photos this morning, because last photos have very bad quality picture).

Hat - Believe Me
Accessories - Unbranded, Bangkok
Short & Belt - Danjyo Hiyoji (@danjyohiyoji)
Top - Label Cut (@labelcut)
Boots - KML

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