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Oh it’s December already. Everybody said that nowadays Jakarta’s traffic really like a hell. I actually didn’t feel it. Maybe because I am not going out often or it just my luck that I didn’t stuck in any traffic jam. I don’t have any problem with the traffic, my big problem from last week (until now) is my internet connection. It’s really sucks. I call cepatnet (yes, the brand name) to ask why the internet connection is error, and they only tell us it’s the cable. It’s already a week. I really want to change it, but here (BSD City), they monopoly the market.

So yesterday is a day to reflect myself. I attend service management class and the lecturer told us about the behavior of students nowadays. We just do an absent trough finger print after that we skip the class. It’s my first time to skip service management class after had my finger print, and I just discovered. Around 15 people in class do that and we got penalty for our participation score in this class. I really regret it (regret always comes late). After class, some people (including me) ask forgiveness and we are really regrets of our actions. The lecturer actually a rational person. Everything he said, event it’s something straight and a bit difficult to accept, we can try to understand and reflect our self. He forgive us one chance to reflect our attitude and give us some task. In the end, my friend and me will do something to complete our task. I will tell you later what are we gonna do. I personally not a person who like skipping the class, but because nowadays we really have a lot of university assignment, I just tired and need some refreshment. How? Skip class and going outside with friends. To the mall, eating delicious foods, whatever, but not in the class.

Dilemma. My friend, Simon persuade me to go to Europe Trip after they doing AIESEEC in Hungary. Another friend of mine: Thomas, Chemi, Clarabelle will going to Romania for AIESEC. Personally I just, ENVY. Last summer I went to Cluj alone and I can’t go anywhere because the problem of my visa (I just late to made my visa, Romania is not Schengen, so I can’t go anywhere). I really want to go but I still have MUN (Model United Nation) in February. This project still running and I hope we can get sponsor so we can go abroad for free.

Surprise. I got a package from Danjyo Hiyoji two days ago, a cool short with leather belt that I really falling in love in the first sight. I ordered it in the last Brighstpot and the short just came late, but overall the service is okay. They take their responsibility with sending my goods personally in front of my house. I am not in my house that day, but short is in their paper bag so I’m sure it’s not from TIKI/JNE/etc. How wonderful the short? It will be on my next post! I promise you.

So, In this post, I wear 3 local things. The bag from Adorable Project is limited. Only 1 person in each city can have it. I remembered that I borrow my friend address because he is in Bogor (not Tangerang, not Jakarta), and the bag still available in this city (Bogor). It’s really worthed to try harder to get something that really what you want. Nightingale is a local shoes brand, I got this shoes for free because it’s sampling shoes from my friend. You can buy in www.blibli.com and search for “Nightingale”. You can choose another design, it’s a bit expensive for a local shoes but the quality is really good. Don’t worry you won’t regret to buy. Another Danjyo Hiyoji, I bought this on their last day in store at Grand Indonesia.

Shoes - Nightingale
Skirt - ASOS

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