Either Red or Green


Merry Christmas!!

I am thinking to make a new post in today's Christmas with some random mind like I must wear something red, green, or Santa's hat, or anything. The though is just gone. 

Holiday is coming, what are you guys doin'? I met my high school friends 3 days ago and stay 1 night in Patricia house. (Well, I called her Padsoy and seems weird to write her name: Patricia here). Met up with old friends, do nothing, just eat, chatting about boys or anything related to, playing together, that's it.

There is something that I realize, we are chatting together now, talking about when we are graduate. Some people choose to study for Master, some people already graduate and working, and some (like me) still enjoying my last semester in my university. Time goes so fast, and I believe, next year, our conversation will be like what job are you taking, hows your salary, anything related about job and works.

Day after tomorrow, I am going to Yogyakarta to visit my grandparents. Will be coming home January 3 and I hope I have time to make an updates in this blog!

Thanks to my sister, Patrisca Amanda to always taking me photos.

Ps: I really happy to meet all my old friends, please contact me and let's make an appointment & meets up! Event we are not really close on those days, (maybe) we can share our thought.

Shoes - Bershka
Hat - Belive Me, Bangkok
Skirt - H&M, Singapore
Top - ZALENE // @zaleneos

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