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Hello! Guess what happening here? Nothing special, I just ate Baskin Robin, pralines flavor. It's too awesome for this thursday. Thanks to Kakao Talk, every thursday I can enjoy more portion for the ice cream. If you don't know, Kakao Talk gave us everyday coupon, for example in Tuesday, buy one get one free at Chatime. It's very good offers, but Baskin Robin's offers is better. With ONLY IDR 38,000, you can enjoy 1 value scoop and 1 small cup with any flavor. For me, it will be double pralines.

Holiday is near! I guess, it will be my last semester study in the class with friends. Neither happy or sad, it's just confusing. I didn't want to leave university life and start working, my heart is not ready enough. Be ready for my last business project before graduate, it will be revealed soon. I hope you guys can support me.

Do you have any plans to do for holiday? I am thinking to stay at home reading a lot of comics that I missed and going out with high school friends (they are coming back to Jakarta for a while). My parents suggest me to go to Batam to visit my grandparents and meet up with my cousins. Actually I have a plan to go to Singapore and shop a little things there. I must visit The Editors Market for sure (this is my goal lol).

Because I am a bit busy, sorry I just took a photo in front of my house in Studento, Foresta, BSD City. Thanks to my sister, Patrisca Amanda. She start to nagging every times I ask her to take my photo BUT in the end she always do it. So (still) thank you.

Top - C'est Vingt Trois
Skirt - Zara TRF
Necklace - Label Cut // @labelcut
Boots - KML

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