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The way to refresh my mind from hectic week is going to bazaar and shopping sight-seeing what things are they selling.

I was invited to Indonesian Creative Week 2013. I attend the fashion show in last Saturday at Grand Indonesia. I barely not make it because the laziness of come alone to that event. I am not a kind person who enjoy watching fashion show for a long time, I watching a show because I admire or at least I know the brand or the list of the runway for sure. So this time, I came because of Cloth Inc. A local brand that provides you daily wear with comfortable and affordable price. So sad I didn't found something to buy there. 

Yesterday, I visit Market & Museum in Lippo Mall Kemang. This is my second time to go to this event. The first time was at Grand Indonesia. I remember it's such a good bazaar, but yesterday, the quality of this event is decreasing. The tenant is not that much than before, there is no food stand and it's outdoor with rooftop (basically it's okay if it's not raining, but it's raining! so it's wet everywhere). I know some tenants that famous in instagram like Amore Knitwear (@amoreknitwear), Jade Bag (@jadebag), and Skin Junkie (@skinjunkie_id) (my junior's business). I'm happy to found Momo Cuppy (@momocuppy), a vintage home decor specialist. I want to buy everything there because the stuffs just too cute. Anyway, you can try to search it by yourself via instagram after the information above.

Sudden ootd from yesterday. Lippo Mall Kemang at... 10.30 PM, still open until 00.00 (mid night). It will be my favorite place to spent my time because it's open late (friday to sunday) and you are alone in this huge mall. I bought something from Wakai and will post it later. 

I bought hologram shoes from EMS Project last Market Musem (yes, not yesterday event). I bought the top from H&M in Romania. Bag is a present from my beloved friend. Click on their instagram and see their collections.

Top - H&M
Skirt - Label Cut (@labelcut)
Shoes - EMS Project (@officialems)

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